When we arrived at the airport this evening to drop my mom off, the check-in desk was closed. Since the sign on it said it would still be closed for an hour yet, we all piled back in the car and went to Pix Patisserie and had coffee and macarons. I know you can't really... Continue Reading →

Tonight our farewell to some friends at our local pub ended with FunkyPlaid and I giving away most of our (UK-wired) lamps. Watching them file out the door, toting lamps and shades and bulbs, gave us a serious case of the giggles. If you have to say goodbye to people you adore, which in this... Continue Reading →

Goodbyes are piling up faster than I can catalogue them. Tonight's was in St Andrews, where FunkyPlaid received this wonderful card. We agreed that it reminded us of my friend Mako Shark's illustrations. (The Nessie card pictured is from Ohh Deer.) The peril with this project is that some days I don't have anything to... Continue Reading →

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