Day 314 of Project 365: Wonder Hummus

I was skeptical about this hummus-crusted chicken recipe, but it was wonderful. Instead of making my own, I used a small pot of jalapeño and red pepper hummus, which added a nice kick and complemented the caesar salad too. Experimenting with this basic idea will be fun. gratitude: visiting two different libraries today · theContinue reading “Day 314 of Project 365: Wonder Hummus”

grateful for nightmares

Initially, this entry was about dreams, but most of my dreams are neither terribly interesting nor helpful. My nightmares are usually both.  Granted, I do not look forward to having nightmares, but I often learn something about myself from them.  Sometimes I don’t learn that something until I have related the plot and characters toContinue reading “grateful for nightmares”

grateful for san francisco

Nine years ago, I had no idea what to expect.  I moved to San Francisco, sight unseen, with a tenuous job and a temporary apartment.  Through perseverance and luck, I was able to parlay a series of complications into a stable life in one of the most idyllic places in this country, although that lastContinue reading “grateful for san francisco”

grateful for poetry

Exultant, drunk with the little victories: remembering to bring a homemade muffin only slightly less glorious than right out of the oven, flashing my usually-cloistered bus pass to prove my city citizenship, consolidating paper trails into one gleaming paper superhighway. The hangover is quick, severe. Blurry comes into focus with a “fuck you bitch” andContinue reading “grateful for poetry”

grateful for being alone

This is a subject I have struggled with for most of my life, so it is a challenge to write about it in terms of gratitude.  However, I don’t want this exercise to solely be about enumerating all these fantastic things that anyone would be ridiculous not to want. Over the years, I have soughtContinue reading “grateful for being alone”