GTD with Evernote, Drafts, and Due.

After recently streamlining my GTD process, I am finally ready to write about it. It is my steadfast hope that my fretting and flailing might provide you with some insight as to how to improve your own GTD process. If it needs improvement, that is. Mine really did. First of all, if you are not... Continue Reading →

Avoiding, embracing email: one week later

Here is my one-week check-in for my Avoid, Embrace project on email. So far, the biggest change I have made is in filtering out forwards into their own folder. In Gmail, I used this filter to do the trick: from:(email address of forwarder | email address of another forwarder) to:(-my email address) Do this: Skip... Continue Reading →

Avoid, embrace the email situation.

Next up in my Avoid, Embrace project: the email situation. Step one: write about something I have been avoiding. My email is now not a tool but a situation. I have ActiveInbox chugging along, filing things away merrily so that I have Inbox Zero. This is nice. What is not nice is the 132 emails... Continue Reading →


Sadly, I can relate to about half of Zen Habit's "10 Signs You’re a Productivity Junkie", especially #5: Conversations with friends are broken up by you jotting notes to yourself. People ask you if you’re writing a book and you reply “I just don’t want to forget any of this.”

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