Edinburgh at Christmas.

I wasn’t feeling particularly creative today, so I went with the Holidailies prompt, which is: “What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?” You likely already know that I am FunkyPlaid-less this holiday season. (I am also currently Internet-less, which is nearly as dire.) Right now I am not looking forward to muchContinue reading “Edinburgh at Christmas.”

Resolutions aren’t my bag.

Hello, beautiful human, and welcome to 2014. My 2013 was intense. I ran some more races, including my first 10K. I celebrated my birthday in Barcelona and FunkyPlaid’s birthday in Normandy. I sold a short story for actual cash money and placed another one (publications forthcoming this year). I made new friends and hosted wonderfulContinue reading “Resolutions aren’t my bag.”

Good ideas for Christmas Day.

There are many things I would recommend that you do on Christmas Day: Cook shredded Brussels sprouts with pine nuts and bacon and serious amounts of butter. Bake sweet potato pie. No butter in that one! Show up with aforementioned sprouts and pie to your friends’ home, where they are assembling a magnificent holiday feast,Continue reading “Good ideas for Christmas Day.”

Bad ideas for Christmas Eve.

There are many things I would not recommend that you do on Christmas Eve. Almost all of them revolve around shopping. And yet there I was, in the middle of a good-sized grocery store called Waitrose, cradling an amaretto-flavoured soy latte in one hand and a wire basket in the other, when I was introducedContinue reading “Bad ideas for Christmas Eve.”

The sock monkey wishes you a Merry Christmas Eve-Eve.

As my plan to get a tree fell through yesterday, I decided to wake up early and get one this morning. I have no method of conveyance so this was destined to be a small tree, but that’s okay. A tree is a tree, and although I had been avoiding it — as if gettingContinue reading “The sock monkey wishes you a Merry Christmas Eve-Eve.”

The miracle of sweatpants.

My red fleece sweatpants are evil. Wearing them is basically the antidote to any productivity I might muster. As soon as I changed from sweatpants to proper grownup clothing today, I got a ton of stuff done. But listening to Patton Oswalt talking about the miracle of sweatpants made me laugh a lot. Today IContinue reading “The miracle of sweatpants.”