On “Community” and Christmas episodes.

When I heard that “Community” was doing a stop-motion Christmas episode, I started to worry. No, scratch that, I didn’t worry at all. If any show right now could do this idea justice, it would be this one. And it did. Normally I avoid treading into the territory of others’ opinions, but when I readContinue reading “On “Community” and Christmas episodes.”

Gift niftiness.

I love giving gifts, but my budget this year is very small. Good thing the web is filled with nifty ideas! Smitten mitten for hand-holders. [Etsy] Owl tea mugs and tea set. [VivaTerra] Fern frond necklace. [Fernworks] Now Panic and Freak Out t-shirt. [Threadless] Redwood wreath. [Erica Rose Design] Pelikan highlighter fountain pen. [Levenger] LoadsContinue reading “Gift niftiness.”

meta is not the thing

This may have to count as my Holidailies post today, despite it being entirely meta. Whatever I write comes out as a rant about how frustrated I am to spend yet another Saturday at home and awfully sick. So we’ll skip that part. Inspired by Courtney, I now have a lifestream! The sidebar had becomeContinue reading “meta is not the thing”