Day 364 of Project 365: Pine-scented.

A tiny tree sits next to a pine-scented candle, and it is drizzling outside. Zen wanders through the house, pausing to express her displeasure at all of the chilly corners that lack FunkyPlaid’s presence. But soon he will be coming home, and we’ll all be warmer. You have noticed by now that despite being DayContinue reading “Day 364 of Project 365: Pine-scented.”

Day 355 of Project 365: Wrapped up.

Gift-giving makes me incredibly anxious. I’m not certain where it comes from, but it is pervasive at this time of year, especially when I don’t have my very best shopping pal at my side to talk me out of talking myself out of choices. I do like giving people things, but I’m always convinced I’veContinue reading “Day 355 of Project 365: Wrapped up.”

Day 350 of Project 365: Box of Christmas cheer.

A beautiful box of Christmas cheer from my dad and stepmom was waiting for me when I arrived home. It could not have come at a better time; with FunkyPlaid away I haven’t felt much holiday spirit this year, and last week’s weather foiled two of my planned holiday outings. Then this week’s weather causedContinue reading “Day 350 of Project 365: Box of Christmas cheer.”

Day 335 of Project 365: American breakfast.

I got a little more sleep last night but still not enough to fully replenish my depleted reserves of patience and compassion. I stayed late at work again, then evening traffic was stupid so I stopped off at Fred Meyer for a spot of grocery shopping and ended up wandering the aisles, looking for weirdness.Continue reading “Day 335 of Project 365: American breakfast.”

Good ideas for Christmas Day.

There are many things I would recommend that you do on Christmas Day: Cook shredded Brussels sprouts with pine nuts and bacon and serious amounts of butter. Bake sweet potato pie. No butter in that one! Show up with aforementioned sprouts and pie to your friends’ home, where they are assembling a magnificent holiday feast,Continue reading “Good ideas for Christmas Day.”

Holiday spirit, express delivery.

Lest you think that I’ve succumbed to mopey gothmas this December, I should mention some bright spots. One is a a very special advent calendar that my mom devised with special challenges for each day. She always thinks of the cleverest ways to mark the passage of the holiday season, and I’m really enjoying thisContinue reading “Holiday spirit, express delivery.”

on holidayspeak

Yesterday, I tweeted: “In response to someone wishing me a merry Christmas, I said it back instead of wishing him happy holidays. I hope no one reports me.” As is usual for me, I neglected to be specific enough in 140 characters or less, and should have added a very important word to my tweet:Continue reading “on holidayspeak”