The now of June 2020

Hello, friends! Before I dig into the news of the past few months, I will start with some housekeeping. Going forward, I will post my content to and syndicate it elsewhere. Some follow-up notes: Facebook and Instagram prevent people from easily syndicating their own content. You won’t see posts there anymore. You willContinue reading “The now of June 2020”

The grand old Holidailies catch-up.

I’m quite behind with Holidailies this year, so I’m going to catch up with one long post of pieces parts instead of trying to make, uh, eleven separate things. OK with you? Good, let’s go! Every December starts out snail-slogging through the first week and then all of a sudden Christmas is next week waitContinue reading “The grand old Holidailies catch-up.”

Learning the meaning of public service.

This morning, I attended a meeting of a coalition of local organizations who provide services for people who are unstably housed. I was glad for the opportunity to listen to how the members of these organizations are supporting our community, and I was especially touched by how a couple of these members reached out toContinue reading “Learning the meaning of public service.”

Days 189-207 of Project 365: Sleep deprivation.

It’s funny, the halfway brain that sprouts from sleep deprivation. I wake up at 05:30 but really I wake up on the bus in downtown Portland, trying to remember if I did basic things like dress myself and feed myself and not leave the front door wide open. So far, I’m doing pretty well. (But let’s notContinue reading “Days 189-207 of Project 365: Sleep deprivation.”

Day 165 of Project 365: First day frenzy.

The first day of a new job is always hectic, and today was no exception. I’m less than an hour away from collapsing in a crumpled heap. But my new colleagues welcomed me thoroughly, and although I know this gig won’t be without its challenges, the mere prospect of doing it all again tomorrow makesContinue reading “Day 165 of Project 365: First day frenzy.”

Day 158 of Project 365: Back to work.

Now that it is official, I can break the news: I got a job! Next Monday I’ll join a local public library team as their circulation division manager. I’m failing at finding the right words for what this means to me right now. It’s big. And I’m so excited. Wish me luck. Writing from: theContinue reading “Day 158 of Project 365: Back to work.”

Day 56 of Project 365: Wishing and hoping.

Our days are filled with wishes and hopes. “I hope we get that place.” “I wish I would hear back about that job.” I try to stay centered amidst all the wishes and hopes that pile up on our shoulders and around our feet. And then I turn a corner and there is yet anotherContinue reading “Day 56 of Project 365: Wishing and hoping.”

Day 35 of Project 365: Really got a hold on me.

Today I visited the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. I enjoyed a warm welcome from former coworkers and it was wonderful to be back in their company. But after an hour, the tenor of the reunion changed: I became desperately sad, missing it all so much, then overcome with the knowledge thatContinue reading “Day 35 of Project 365: Really got a hold on me.”

Silver screen and snail smooches.

The libraries have extended hours for the end of term, so work today was a bit more strenuous than usual. Tensions are high and so I instructed my coworkers to deploy cute pictures of baby animals as needed. One provided me with Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s macro photography of snails. It sets a high barContinue reading “Silver screen and snail smooches.”