Now that it is official, I can break the news: I got a job! Next Monday I'll join a local public library team as their circulation division manager. I'm failing at finding the right words for what this means to me right now. It's big. And I'm so excited. Wish me luck. Writing from: the... Continue Reading →

Our days are filled with wishes and hopes. "I hope we get that place." "I wish I would hear back about that job." I try to stay centered amidst all the wishes and hopes that pile up on our shoulders and around our feet. And then I turn a corner and there is yet another... Continue Reading →

Today I visited the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. I enjoyed a warm welcome from former coworkers and it was wonderful to be back in their company. But after an hour, the tenor of the reunion changed: I became desperately sad, missing it all so much, then overcome with the knowledge that... Continue Reading →

Silver screen and snail smooches.

The libraries have extended hours for the end of term, so work today was a bit more strenuous than usual. Tensions are high and so I instructed my coworkers to deploy cute pictures of baby animals as needed. One provided me with Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko's macro photography of snails. It sets a high bar... Continue Reading →

Google Digital Library Settlement Rejected

From the Am Law Daily: "The [amended settlement agreement] would grant Google control over the digital commercialization of millions of books, including orphan books and other unclaimed works," Judge Chin wrote. "And it would do so even though Google engaged in wholesale, blatant copying, without first obtaining copyright permissions." (via FunkyPlaid)

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