I wanted to commemorate the 300-day mark of this project with a special photo. It's been wonderful having FunkyPlaid back home this week, and I am dreading having to say goodbye again so soon. My heart was especially heavy today until I read this piece about Patton Oswalt losing his wife. Then I felt like a big jerk for sighing... Continue Reading →

Today's smile started when I picked FunkyPlaid up from the airport this morning and it hasn't been far from my face since. FunkyPlaid even managed to decorate a little for Halloween! I'm so glad he's home. Work and exhaustion are solid distractions from my loneliness, but life is so much better when he's around. Writing... Continue Reading →

Here are two signs I saw in our neighborhood tonight. I don't need to add anything else. Writing from: my study. Listening to: "Salt" by RY X. https://open.spotify.com/track/3jks0Wb2Pnq981bSX3X44x

You genuflected outside the gothic cathedral the day after I got officially old. My nose was running and cold and I turned from the great grey edifice to see the only familiar face for miles. On that face, the expression I tried to capture: irreverent yet strangely penitent, maybe just tired from walking or overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

Always with me.

At dinner tonight, we got to talking. We talked about so many things, but one I wanted to write about before it slipped through the old brain-sieve. I am listening right now to a song that makes me think of someone I have not seen in years, someone I loved desperately with my then-heart. If... Continue Reading →

she told me it took a long time

She told me it took a long time. She told me it took a long time before she stopped seeing him everywhere he wasn't. She told me it took a long time to unlearn the cringing, to unfurl during the phone ringing. She told me it took almost as long as they were together to... Continue Reading →

yellow pages

He puts his head on his hand, elbow beside the yellow pages. He scans the names and numbers, pausing to smirk at a funny bunch of letters. Today the book is of Reno, Nevada. He has never been to Reno, but he pictures it like Orinda in July, only flatter. Once he went to Orinda... Continue Reading →

being three

Something I am learning from this exercise: the prompts often launch me in a completely different direction. I wonder what that's about. I am reading a book called "How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving" by David Richo, and this passage struck me today: Childhood forces influence present choices,... Continue Reading →

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