I wanted to commemorate the 300-day mark of this project with a special photo. It's been wonderful having FunkyPlaid back home this week, and I am dreading having to say goodbye again so soon. My heart was especially heavy today until I read this piece about Patton Oswalt losing his wife. Then I felt like a big jerk for sighing... Continue Reading →

Today's smile started when I picked FunkyPlaid up from the airport this morning and it hasn't been far from my face since. FunkyPlaid even managed to decorate a little for Halloween! I'm so glad he's home. Work and exhaustion are solid distractions from my loneliness, but life is so much better when he's around. Writing... Continue Reading →

Here are two signs I saw in our neighborhood tonight. I don't need to add anything else. Writing from: my study. Listening to: "Salt" by RY X. https://open.spotify.com/track/3jks0Wb2Pnq981bSX3X44x

You genuflected outside the gothic cathedral the day after I got officially old. My nose was running and cold and I turned from the great grey edifice to see the only familiar face for miles. On that face, the expression I tried to capture: irreverent yet strangely penitent, maybe just tired from walking or overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

Day 328 of Project 365: Two Years

Today our marriage turned two. We celebrated with a fine meal at Bia Bistrot. gratitude: FunkyPlaid · FunkyPlaid · FunkyPlaid

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