FunkyPlaid and I feasted on arepas plus a whole passel of other great food at Teote tonight. Oddly enough, the taste of arepas always transports me not to Nicaragua or Colombia but to Scotland. My friend Juliana would make them for us for lunch after we tromped through the woods of East Lothian with her two mini dachshunds. I'm... Continue Reading →

Pictured is not Dark Tower, the awesome electronic board game I loved as a child, but rather The Black Tower, the delicious dessert at local Thai place Passorn. But now that Dark Tower was mentioned at dinner, I cannot get it out of my head. Nostalgia is dangerous. It can seduce us with claims of... Continue Reading →

You genuflected outside the gothic cathedral the day after I got officially old. My nose was running and cold and I turned from the great grey edifice to see the only familiar face for miles. On that face, the expression I tried to capture: irreverent yet strangely penitent, maybe just tired from walking or overwhelmed... Continue Reading →

Day 49 of Project 365: wedding purse

Post-shower dresser scrambling prompted the rediscovery of this amazing creation, my wedding purse. My mom made this by hand, which still stuns me. I was fortunate to inherit a little of her capability in this realm, but nothing to this degree. While visiting Gargunnock House with friends over Christmas, I got into a little chat... Continue Reading →

It was not the quesadilla.

It was not the quesadilla, the sloppy concoction of flat and goo. No, she decided, it was most certainly not the quesadilla itself, but the idea of the quesadilla, the meta-dilla that offended her. Even now, even hours after lunch, six washings with perfumed soap, six applications of scented lotion, and in between all that... Continue Reading →

Always with me.

At dinner tonight, we got to talking. We talked about so many things, but one I wanted to write about before it slipped through the old brain-sieve. I am listening right now to a song that makes me think of someone I have not seen in years, someone I loved desperately with my then-heart. If... Continue Reading →

sage and ginger

One crow sits on the porch and his caw seems timed, a perfect heartbeat. I am putting moisturizer on my face, stuff I bought because it was additive-free and on sale, stuff I would not buy normally even if I could afford it, which I can't. I am thinking of what I am not thinking... Continue Reading →

slate and stove

Today's blockbuster prompt is from Davmoo: "Please write 100 words on ...your favorite childhood memory." The wood stove in our living room was surrounded by pieces of slate. Old radiators kept the corners of the other rooms warm, but the wood stove, the old general, boomed forth waves of heat well into winter nights. Cats... Continue Reading →


I spotted a vintage Pelikan 100 in the wild -- the reference desk, really -- on Monday. It was burgundy with a bright gold "beak" clip and its owner let me write with it. It was filled with Private Reserve Chocolat, an excellent choice for this smooth writer. I let the patron write with my... Continue Reading →

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