Day 172 of Project 365: By the lights.

There are pretty lights in the corner of FunkyPlaid’s study. I haven’t really decorated my space yet, but I am looking forward to it. Today it has been 147 days since we left Scotland, not that I’m counting. (Of course I’m counting. I count everything.) That’s nearly five months. I say “nearly five months” butContinue reading “Day 172 of Project 365: By the lights.”

Day 113 of Project 365: Tenacity.

I am going to avoid wringing my hands over the celebrity bloodbath that 2016 has been so far and instead talk about something positive. We all could use it. While unpacking today, FunkyPlaid discovered a wee succulent plant that he had given me in Scotland some time ago. That’s right: our movers wrapped up a tiny plant inContinue reading “Day 113 of Project 365: Tenacity.”

Days 69-79 of Project 365: Massive catch-up.

No, I have not forgotten about my Project 365! But to prevent spamming your feeds, I have done one massive catch-up gallery. For individual captions, you should be able to mouseover each photo (if you’re viewing this on Days 69 through 71 were spent wrangling logistics for the final move to Portland, which involved the earthly possessions we stored in theContinue reading “Days 69-79 of Project 365: Massive catch-up.”

Day 29 of Project 365: Parachute.

Today I spent sneezing, coughing, and working on job applications. One in particular was due today, and I am so relieved that it is finally finished. For as much as I love job interviews — yes, really — I do not love job applications. In other incredibly exciting news today, Zen met Jack. Jack wasContinue reading “Day 29 of Project 365: Parachute.”

Day 26 of Project 365: Soft landing.

First things first: Zen is safely with us. When I posted yesterday’s photo, I was pretty worked up about Zen being stranded in Newark, but I knew that I wouldn’t be of any use if I didn’t try to get some sleep until the morning. I had barely drifted off when the landline rang. FunkyPlaidContinue reading “Day 26 of Project 365: Soft landing.”

Day 25 of Project 365: Customs and welcomes.

I’m not going to bury the lede: Zen is stuck in Newark due to Storm Jonas. I’m distraught both by the circumstances out of our control and by the lack of appropriate action taken by our pet transport company. But with any luck she will be with us in less than twelve hours, so IContinue reading “Day 25 of Project 365: Customs and welcomes.”

Day 24 of Project 365: The way home.

A few weeks after moving here, I kept asking FunkyPlaid what that big group of buildings looming over the city was. Half a year after moving here, I had finally figured out what it was. A couple of years later, befuddled tourists started asking me how to get to the castle. Me! I could hardlyContinue reading “Day 24 of Project 365: The way home.”

Day 22 of Project 365: Afloat on an empty sea.

The bed is a borrowed raft, adrift in the empty flat. FunkyPlaid and Zen and I are left, cosy and drowsy in each other’s company. Strange how it even smells emptier. I am thinking of the other leave-taking in this matched set, and how melancholy I felt. This way feels bittersweet as well, for allContinue reading “Day 22 of Project 365: Afloat on an empty sea.”

Day 20 of Project 365: Anxiety selfie.

This is the face I make when I realise that the ultra-efficient movers have packed all the fountain pen ink before I could choose a bottle to use for the next wee while. ::vague flailing:: Anyway, Zen was a champ today. She was miserable in her bathroom quarantine, only calming down when I would sitContinue reading “Day 20 of Project 365: Anxiety selfie.”