This Thanksgiving, my sole accomplishment has been introducing FunkyPlaid to Bejeweled 2. He is ... a little obsessed. The good news is that he is extremely good at visual strategy games, so he has almost exceeded my highest score. The bad news is that I am pretty sure he can just keep going. Forever. It... Continue Reading →

she told me it took a long time

She told me it took a long time. She told me it took a long time before she stopped seeing him everywhere he wasn't. She told me it took a long time to unlearn the cringing, to unfurl during the phone ringing. She told me it took almost as long as they were together to... Continue Reading →

on breaking a twitter app

Disclaimer: If you have no interest in iPhone apps, Twitter, or my opinion on software, you will want to skip this entry. Long ago I used Twitteriffic for iPhone, and was perfectly happy with it. I only defected to Tweetie because the iPhone app offered integration, allowing me to utilize to update multiple... Continue Reading →

asking the question

We have a question about the menu: what is chow-chow? A table of four library professionals, we are practiced in knowing how to find an answer quickly. The woman who seated us walks by, so we ask her. She responds, "Your server will be right with you." A different woman approaches the table and asks... Continue Reading →

becoming a ghost

I dreamed that I was a ghost. I didn't die; I faded away, bit by bit. I dreamed that one night when FunkyPlaid returned home from work, he had trouble hearing me. A few nights later, he accused me of hiding from him, as he could see my clothing and shoes lying about but didn't... Continue Reading →

thank you

I tweeted earlier today that I know "what makes the world a better place: saying 'thank you' when someone does something nice for you, no matter who that person is." As a civil servant, politeness is something I think about multiple times each day. It is easy to think about it in the negative case,... Continue Reading →


intrepid Originally uploaded by cygnoir I am a good walker but not a good hiker, not yet. Now that I have proper hiking shoes, I have incentive to improve. I also have a terrific hiking partner who never fails to keep my spirits up, especially when I feel like I am going to keel over... Continue Reading →

stuff to consume

I love coming home from pub trivia to a house that smells like freshly-baked bread. Whole Foods' 365 gluten-free sandwich bread mix is the best mix I've baked so far. It tastes like real bread, and by that I mean it has a sweet aftertaste that FunkyPlaid immediately picked up on when he tried it.... Continue Reading →


I dreamed of preparing to move away. Everything I owned had to be packed into suitcases and boxes. The sky outside was light but I knew it was nighttime. As I packed my clothes, they changed colors and shapes. Some of them hopped or crawled out of their containers. It was a losing battle. Finally... Continue Reading →

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