Day 237 of Project 365: Burnside Bridge.

An extra-long but thoroughly rewarding day at work ended with an impromptu dinner date with FunkyPlaid. We drove across the Burnside Bridge and marveled at the dreamlike dusk. Writing from: my study. Listening to: “Happy Idiot” by TV on the Radio, a favorite song from a favorite band. When I hear their music, I feel calm and focused andContinue reading “Day 237 of Project 365: Burnside Bridge.”

Day 234 of Project 365: Cornbread Café.

Sometimes the Internet pacifies my laziness in a great way. FunkyPlaid and I were hunger-yawning by the time we got to Eugene so I asked my Pocket Computer for nearby food options and it told me about Cornbread Café. Turns out this place is a vegan diner! Check out the darling decor. I enjoyed my Eggfu Benedict, especially theContinue reading “Day 234 of Project 365: Cornbread Café.”

Day 233 of Project 365: Yachats.

We escaped the oppressive heat in Portland for a brief coastal sojourn with friends in Florence, Oregon. On the way we stopped in Yachats for lunch. The day was sunny and a veil of mist draped over the coast. It was at least 30 degrees cooler than what we had left behind. Writing from: my study. Listening to: “Music forContinue reading “Day 233 of Project 365: Yachats.”

Days 189-207 of Project 365: Sleep deprivation.

It’s funny, the halfway brain that sprouts from sleep deprivation. I wake up at 05:30 but really I wake up on the bus in downtown Portland, trying to remember if I did basic things like dress myself and feed myself and not leave the front door wide open. So far, I’m doing pretty well. (But let’s notContinue reading “Days 189-207 of Project 365: Sleep deprivation.”

Day 133 of Project 365: Rose City.

Today’s photo is yet another beautiful specimen from Rose City, which is certainly living up to the nickname this week. Before my dad and I said goodbye tonight, we took one last wander around the neighborhood and stopped to smell the roses. I had a whole rumination on our far-flung lives and how relieved IContinue reading “Day 133 of Project 365: Rose City.”

Days 128-132 of Project 365: Gorge, goats, and more.

During my dad and stepmom’s visit in Portland, I have been opting to go to bed on time instead of posting a photo each night. Tonight I realized that I was five posts behind. Whoops! Here is a quick catch-up. Our activities have included a stunning drive in the Columbia River Gorge, communing with theContinue reading “Days 128-132 of Project 365: Gorge, goats, and more.”

Day 108 of Project 365: Wahclella Falls.

Today FunkyPlaid and I got out of Portland for a bit and hiked to Wahclella Falls with Courtney and Robert. They had been there before, and it was good to go with people who knew what level of hike we were undertaking, especially since I am so out of shape. It is definitely past timeContinue reading “Day 108 of Project 365: Wahclella Falls.”