vote today

TalkLeft said it best: "We get the Government we elect." San Franciscans, I recommend Smart Voter. Californians, I recommend the 2006 California Progressive Voter Guide. And Americans, just get off your whiny, self-aggrandizing asses and vote.

patriot act, close to home

As you might know, I have a sign on my office door that reads: "The FBI has not been here. Watch closely for the removal of this sign." It's been on my door for a while now; I put it up shortly after the ALA's response to the Patriot Act. Sometime between 6 p.m. last... Continue Reading →

who’s sorry

Yesterday, Greg wrote a thought-provoking post about "Sorry, everybody." I don't agree with him, but it certainly made me think, particularly about apologies and why they're important to me. The reason why I don't agree with Greg is very simple: in my opinion, apologizing is not a sign of weakness, of weeniedom. It's the opposite.... Continue Reading →

extinguishing the effigy

I'm nauseated by some folks' reactions to the election, particularly those in the Bay Area. We are so isolated here that it is quite easy for us all to say "this is not my America" or "I'm moving to Canada" or burn effigies of Bush. This last has me especially upset. Burning someone in effigy,... Continue Reading →

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