Day 349 of Project 365: Twelve miles in five hours.

Here’s how my evening commute went today: 15:15: I decide to stick around past quitting time in order to avoid some of the traffic on snowy roads. This decision has the added benefit of helping out at work a little, too. 16:30: Quitting time comes and goes. Snow continues to fall. I remain unperturbed. 18:00:Continue reading “Day 349 of Project 365: Twelve miles in five hours.”

Day 285 of Project 365: Brains, compulsions, and public transit.

About ten years ago, my life wasn’t going so well. I had a job and a flat and a car and friends and a relationship, but as with most things, the trappings of a good life are not necessarily a good life. I dealt with this not-good life involved by letting one of my compulsions,Continue reading “Day 285 of Project 365: Brains, compulsions, and public transit.”

Day 280 of Project 365: Bus daze.

This morning began with a packed bus, unusual for my bus stop and for the time of day. The trip got more exciting as the driver detoured around a crash site but missed a turn. Getting us back to our actual route involved a curb-crunching three-point turn and a particularly exciting chug up a steep gradeContinue reading “Day 280 of Project 365: Bus daze.”

Day 209 of Project 365: Bus gifts.

I think the bus heard me talking smack about it yesterday. This morning it left me hazelnut non-dairy creamer. Is this the TriMet equivalent of mints left on a hotel pillow? (I wasn’t brave enough to take them.) Writing from: my breezy study. Windows open, trying to get some air in here! Listening to: “Look forContinue reading “Day 209 of Project 365: Bus gifts.”

Day 208 of Project 365: TriMet madness.

I spend a lot of time on the TriMet bus. So much time, in fact, that I’m a little smug about how much reading I get done these days. Books, not internet. At first, I read news on the way to work, but that was just too bleak. (That said, I recently enjoyed reading George Lakoff’sContinue reading “Day 208 of Project 365: TriMet madness.”

Day 173 of Project 365: You spin me.

Tonight I took the WES commuter rail to the MAX light rail home. And then FunkyPlaid and I went out for some driving practice because I need to get my Oregon driver’s license ASAP. As much as I love public transit, 3 hours of commuting each weekday is draining. Zen does not need to concern herself with such things.Continue reading “Day 173 of Project 365: You spin me.”

Day 166 of Project 365: Handbag of Holding.

Despite this being a Deluxe Handbag of Holding, I pushed it past capacity today. I’m still unsure what I’ll need for a full day of work plus public transit commutes, so I am definitely over-packing. Note to self: you’ll fall asleep on the bus for at least the first couple of weeks, so stop bringingContinue reading “Day 166 of Project 365: Handbag of Holding.”

Day 30 of Project 365: Waiting for the N.

“It’s getting real” is a phrase I unabashedly love. I love it because it’s fun to say and because it indicates a transition from unreality. This unreality is exactly what I have been experiencing in the beautiful enclave of Marin County, reinforced by the fact that I am dependent on others to get in andContinue reading “Day 30 of Project 365: Waiting for the N.”

HIDWTS: Scottish Chivalry.

This holiday version of How I Decide Where to Sit was prompted by my brand new commute! Actually, a few different commutes, because I work at different campuses sometimes, and none of them are particularly near each other, bus-route-wise. Deciding where to sit has been a snap, really. The buses I take are rarely crowded,Continue reading “HIDWTS: Scottish Chivalry.”

The City of Stolen Time

If you don’t live in San Francisco or care about city infrastructure, skip this post. I am compelled by my own impotent rage to document the abject absurdity of commuting in this city. This is anecdotal and subjective in nature; for statistics, please see Joe Eskenazi and Greg Dewar’s excellent SF Weekly article, “The MuniContinue reading “The City of Stolen Time”