meta is not the thing

This may have to count as my Holidailies post today, despite it being entirely meta. Whatever I write comes out as a rant about how frustrated I am to spend yet another Saturday at home and awfully sick. So we'll skip that part. Inspired by Courtney, I now have a lifestream! The sidebar had become... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 7

This will be brief, because I am extremely ill today due to accidentally ingesting gluten in last night's dinner. The worst part is that I dread eating the next day so much I tend to avoid it until I can't anymore, and then scarf something vaguely disgusting down just to have some nutrition. Clearly I... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 6

It is absolutely remarkable what happens when you choose to let go of fear. It is a choice, of course, not immediately apparent while we are clinging to it, like a necklace worn so long its weight no longer registers. If this seems to be a melodramatic way to talk about changing RSS-feed-reading patterns, perhaps... Continue Reading →

RSSless: days 4 and 5

FunkyPlaid and I were at the store until late last night, so I didn't post my non-progress on the RSS fast.  No matter; absolutely nothing has changed.  I spend my time writing, reading, and puzzle-solving instead, and my stress levels are markedly down.  Now I am absolutely convinced that I need to ditch my RSS... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 3

Day 3 of the RSS fast: today I only visited The WELL, MetaFilter, and Twitter for lunchtime information input. I spent the rest of the time reading Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which is nearing conclusion, after which I'll continue reading Matter. (It's dense, and I needed a bubblegum break.) I did hop on to... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 2

Day 2 of my RSS fast has been uneventful. Lunchtime was a little strange, as I reflexively opened my RSS reader and quickly had to shut it again. I recovered with Thai food and crossword puzzles and reading. If I want headlines ... well, I work in a library on the same floor as a... Continue Reading →

RSSless: day 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm a bit overwhelmed by information right now. In a fit of pique (which just the other day I learned, thanks to FunkyPlaid, is monosyllabic) I decided to stop reading all RSS feeds for a week. Day 1 has gone swimmingly, perhaps because I spent the majority of... Continue Reading →


I dread opening my RSS reader these days. Right now there are 876 unread items glaring at me, from a total of 269 feeds. How does anyone keep up? Every time I attempt to pare down the list, I get fed up, close the browser window, and pick up my book. In other news, thank... Continue Reading →

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