Day 66 of Project 365: 7 Courses of Beef.

  This post is late because I ate so much that I could not even contemplate looking at photographs of the meal. Here is one amidst the carnage of our Seven Courses of Beef (Bò 7 Món). If you wish to experience this Vietnamese delight for yourself, Anh Hong on Geary is the place to go in SanContinue reading “Day 66 of Project 365: 7 Courses of Beef.”

Day 52 of Project 365: One inside the other.

This was one of the best days of my life, and of course I took zero photos of any of the great things that happened. I flail at executing this project at times, I really do. But I persist. So today’s photo is of a sign that amused me, and was also notable because itContinue reading “Day 52 of Project 365: One inside the other.”

Day 47 of Project 365: By the Bay.

Almost two decades ago, I wandered around San Francisco in awe, occasionally pinching myself in case it was all a dream. It was, sometimes, but mostly it was real. Before we left for Scotland, I had grown so tired of living in this reality. A large part of that was feeling continually disappointed by SanContinue reading “Day 47 of Project 365: By the Bay.”

Day 35 of Project 365: Really got a hold on me.

Today I visited the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library. I enjoyed a warm welcome from former coworkers and it was wonderful to be back in their company. But after an hour, the tenor of the reunion changed: I became desperately sad, missing it all so much, then overcome with the knowledge thatContinue reading “Day 35 of Project 365: Really got a hold on me.”

Day 30 of Project 365: Waiting for the N.

“It’s getting real” is a phrase I unabashedly love. I love it because it’s fun to say and because it indicates a transition from unreality. This unreality is exactly what I have been experiencing in the beautiful enclave of Marin County, reinforced by the fact that I am dependent on others to get in andContinue reading “Day 30 of Project 365: Waiting for the N.”

Historic Bernal Heights Coca-Cola Sign Outlawed

I had the pleasure of photographing this sign during a SFlickr photostroll a few years ago. Although I am no fan of the brand, I care about protecting the sign as a piece of San Francisco history. If you care too, please help me in searching the San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection for evidence that theContinue reading “Historic Bernal Heights Coca-Cola Sign Outlawed”