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A song a day, day 4: a song that makes you sad.

For the song a day meme: a song that makes you sad.

First, I want to say that I have been so grateful to hear everyone’s choices. I say “grateful” because it is not easy to share how I feel about music with other people, so I imagine it may not be easy for others, either. Part of the difficulty comes from not wanting to make obvious choices, because what’s the fun in that? And there is another part, a part that crawls around in my insecurity that says that people who truly love music wouldn’t have any use for this sort of exercise because it somehow cheapens everything to choose.

A song a day, day 1: your favorite song.

The end of the semester is nigh! All thinky cells rerouted to librarying cortex. Remaining slouchy cells are loitering around here for a meme.

So it’s not like it starts off in the most obvious and most difficult place or anything. My favorite song? According to number of times I have listened to it since 2004, it is Zeromancer’s cover of “Send Me an Angel”, but that is not my favorite song. It is my superhero montage song.

No, I think that I will have to choose this one instead. My friend Matt introduced me to this song and it crash-landed in my heart at just the right moment. I still haven’t recovered, and I’m glad.