Bulletproof pants.

Time for another spam poem! All lines were taken from my spam folder, and only punctuation and line breaks have been added. The fall of Saddam Hussein has brought destruction/Hell to our great country and everything is so difficult now and all our opportunities are closing up, the new Government is trying to frustrate all... Continue Reading →

timid animal

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. On Monday I had a king-sized headache, and on Tuesday I took photographs instead. Back to our regularly-scheduled busting of writer's block! This prose poem is courtesy of my spam folder. "Too busy to go back to school?" she huffed, dangling the highball glass between thumb... Continue Reading →

spam couplets

Here we go: end of the year spam couplets! Although these are not technically couplets, bear with me. The first lines are subject lines from my junk mail folder. "It will be hard for you to imagine your wrist without the watch," she smirked, and I stalked out of the room. A confident person is... Continue Reading →

we know how to help

When your relationship is getting ruined we know how to help you. We will come into your house while you are at the grocery store, buying whatever the hell cereal you want to buy, now that there are no other arbitrary preferences in the house,  and we will rearrange everything. We will confuse your weakened... Continue Reading →

dada and the prince

In lieu of real content, because I am much too spastic to deliver it, here is a spam poem. My rule is that I use whole lines from spam I've received, without any modification save for punctuation. Enjoy. The lovers were standing together at one of the windows. Snaps of ice cracking in the hidden... Continue Reading →

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