spam subjects poem

She will love you more than any other man -- just talked to him. The narcotic analgesics are very similar. Separate yourself from other men. Anthony Hopkins is so familiar. Are there any precautions and side-effects? Didn't understand it; can't be a lover anymore. These girls are all alone. What did we do to make... Continue Reading →

spampoem: go|two|days

Perhaps it's just me getting such a huge kick of spammers delivering poetry ideas to my inbox. Here's an E.E. Cummings one. I changed only one letter. three bills a PILlow price souper vighagra go|two|days|nonstop|LAD|IES|LO|VE|IT

spampoem: is on fire

I kept threatening to remix some of this crazy spam email I've been getting that is just pages and pages of random words. However, it wasn't compelling enough for me to do ... until I got this fantastic spam email the other day that was actually comprised of full phrases. Phrases that made absolutely no... Continue Reading →

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