Zen won't let me sleep for more than three hours at a time, so this Project 365 catch-up will be brief. Right after work on Tuesday, I flew to the Bay Area to spend Thanksgiving with FunkyPlaid. Wednesday was heavenly; I caught up on sleep, relaxed, and visited with family. Thanksgiving Day was a bit... Continue Reading →

Day 365 of Project 365: Complete

It has been a bizarre, wonderful, exhausting, and exhilarating year. I took many photos of cats and notebooks and food. I saw my first Fringe, the wedding of dear friends, and the ending of my favourite game. I spent time with friends in real life and in virtual worlds. I did stupid amounts of coursework... Continue Reading →

HIDWtS: Thanksgiving in Scotland.

This Thanksgiving edition of How I Decide Where to Sit is dedicated to reviewing all the rookie mistakes one can make when riding public transit in a new city for the first time, because it is kind of like what the Pilgrims did when they-- no. Even I can't torture that metaphor. It is dedicated... Continue Reading →

Giving thanks for tortitude.

I will save you the parade of past Thanksgiving entries. If you're into that sort of thing, all you need is the "Thanksgiving" tag. Yay for folksonomies! Zen the cat is almost entirely herself again after a terribly close call, and I am overjoyed. She is eating and drinking without incident, and her usual playfulness... Continue Reading →


This Thanksgiving, my sole accomplishment has been introducing FunkyPlaid to Bejeweled 2. He is ... a little obsessed. The good news is that he is extremely good at visual strategy games, so he has almost exceeded my highest score. The bad news is that I am pretty sure he can just keep going. Forever. It... Continue Reading →

thankity thank

Because I am still a little sad, even after a great chat over dinner, I am going to write my Thanksgiving thankfulness list of thankfully giving thanks right now. First of all, I must note that yes, I understand that Thanksgiving is a perverse sort of holiday, so you non-Americans can fold your little fingers... Continue Reading →

cheese danish and winter mist

Huddled in layers of black clothing, I hoard what will be my last high-speed connection to the Interweb[1] from a quaintly-decorated hotel room near the Columbus, Ohio airport. When I say "quaint", I mean "disturbingly lifelike", much like those authentic replica dolls you see for sale on QVC, the ones that are supposed to be... Continue Reading →


I am packing for Detroit, and will leave soon to spend the day with David and Brina before heading out on my flight tonight. Scott is safely and happily ensconced with family up north; I head east to do the same with myself for a few days. My family has been so supportive of me... Continue Reading →

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