is still marching on

I found my notebook. I didn't want to make the losing of it real so I didn't tell anyone until I asked Inkbot this morning if she had seen it, but she hadn't. I went to my car and opened the trunk for the forty-fifth time in the past week and took everything out and... Continue Reading →

Richard’s on Richards

I realize I'm way overdue for a trip summary of Vancouver and Victoria, especially a review of the TMBG show we attended. You know how songs just stick with you while you're on vacation, and listening to them later can immediately transport you to the best memories of that trip? Thanks to, you can... Continue Reading →

and we’ll race to the bottom of a glass

I'd always thought it was cheesy when someone said to me, "They're more than my favorite band; they define part of who I am." Not anymore. I don't want to change your mind I don't want to think about your mind They say love is blind I don't think you're blind You don't want to... Continue Reading →

we rule

I'm beginning to understand that it's foolish to tell your friends anything you don't want to be teased about later. The fellow I went to the museum with on Halloween now has two different nicknames, courtesy of my friends, and neither one of them is terribly flattering. Although they're both pretty humorous, and I need... Continue Reading →

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