puzzle pirates

I have nothing to write about because I am too busy playing a puzzle-solving pirate. Puzzle Pirates is the cutest MMORPG EVAR. I am particularly hooked on the swordfighting, especially because different weapons result in different puzzle outcomes. I love well-crafted games. Join me, ye landlubbers! (I’m Carinah on the Sage Ocean.)

thanks, TiVo

Thanks, TiVo, for recording the mildly entertaining yet ultimately pointless “let’s review nearly everything from season two” episode of “Lost” yet NOT THE TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE. I checked all the settings — date/time, “keep episodes until I delete them”, season pass priority of #1, etcetera — everything was set correctly. I thought the new OverlapContinue reading “thanks, TiVo”

please do not explode

I didn’t think this day would ever come. Thanks to Mark/Space’s Missing Sync, my T-Mobile Sidekick II now syncs with my PowerBook’s iCal and Address Book. The timing on this is particularly excellent, as I spent an hour organizing my Hipster PDA last night, complete with index cards, colored labels and a pocket Moleskine memo-pocketsContinue reading “please do not explode”