The seasons are changing in Second Life! Here is a glimpse of my wee home all ready for the winter months. When I get irritated by the news -- which is often, these days -- I spend some downtime wandering through a virtual world. Not that virtual worlds are free of racism, sexism, homophobia, and... Continue Reading →

Perpetual twilight in the Beast’s castle.

NaNoWriMo took much more out of me, creatively, than I expected. Every day this week I have attempted to compose a complete Holidailies entry and failed. But it isn't all NaNoWriMo's fault. I've been battling the dreaded lurgy since the last week of November, and now this part of the world has been plunged into... Continue Reading →

A self called nowhere.

There's no escaping the fact that we're all fragile bags of meat. Today my immune system bottomed out. This happens more frequently than I would like, and when it does, there is not much to do but wait it out with rest and lots of water. Occasionally when this happens I like to set aside... Continue Reading →

Doing stuff with pictures instead of words.

Sometimes I want to write and sometimes I don't. The periods of "don't" usually coincide with feeling sick, as if writing is only something I undertake in the spirit of health. Strange, considering the number of times I have written myself out of black moods. Over the weekend, in between sneezes and coughs, I finally... Continue Reading →

Turn around.

When I first logged into Second Life in 2004, I decided to create an avatar that was loosely based on my real-life appearance with some important modifications. Namely, some gigantic black hair. I also may have overdone the makeup a bit. Over the years, my avatar has changed -- mainly hairstyles -- but the salient... Continue Reading →

podcast #4: enter the intarweb

It's time for another episode of "... and scene." Matt and I talk about the intarweb, that which unites us, divides us, and forgets to carry the four. What could be better than two nerds talking about Virtual Reality? ... that's right: two nerds talking about Screech! Download Episode #4 | Subscribe with iTunes

Second Life, First Post

When I ponder over a decade of muds, mucks, and mushes, it's hard for me to imagine wanting to experience anything other than a text-based virtual environment. After all, I have always been in love with words. And then I think of Second Life. I like having someplace to go like this Tree Isle of... Continue Reading →

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