Day 278 of Project 365: Portland or Scotland?

The weather today has been blustery in between light bouts of rain, and I am missing Scotland something fierce. I wanted to say more on the topic, but I’ve just used my last articulate impulse on mustering my rudimentary Italian to help a new Second Life resident who I discovered crouched on my sofa, dressed like a swashbuckling vampire. I think weContinue reading “Day 278 of Project 365: Portland or Scotland?”

Day 230 of Project 365: Unprepared.

We’re due for a serious heatwave: … Excessive heat warning in effect from 2 PM Thursday to 9 PM PDT Saturday for southwest Washington and northwest Oregon from the Coast Range to the Cascade foothills… including the Portland Metro area and the western Columbia River gorge… I did laundry tonight so that my meager selectionContinue reading “Day 230 of Project 365: Unprepared.”

Day 41 of Project 365: California dreaming.

It has been unseasonably warm in California. Today it was 70°F and I opted to eat my breakfast outside because what kind of jerk wastes weather like this? I felt like I was on vacation, with my yogurt and my banana and my copy of “The Devil in the White City”. But don’t worry: IContinue reading “Day 41 of Project 365: California dreaming.”