Black Swan Weddings

Black Swan Weddings is on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your support through the years!

Your Special Day, As Unique As You Are

Welcome! My name is Halsted and I write and perform personalized wedding ceremonies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Halsted did a wonderful job in helping us plan our vows. We have some nontraditional opinions about marriage and marriage roles, and she took a lot of time to discuss with us (from two states away!) what was important to us and what we wanted to express. By the time we were done talking, she’d already put together a rough draft for us, combining our ideas and her skill with words. It was probably the easiest part of our wedding planning! Afterwards, many of our guests went out of their way to tell us how much they liked our vows and what a good job Halsted did in conducting the ceremony. It couldn’t have gone better, and it couldn’t have happened without Halsted. –September & Joshua

Black Swan Weddings ~ A&E To write your ceremony, I begin from a basic outline, then draw from my library of readings and vows to customize it. I also encourage you to suggest your favorite songs, books, poems, movies, and traditions which I can then weave into the whole, making your ceremony truly personalized.

I will be delighted to perform your ceremony on your special day. I have extensive experience with microphones, both lavaliere and handheld, so I can work with your existing sound system. I also have a trained actor’s voice and am able to project to small audiences outdoors as well as indoors.

If you don’t know the first thing about obtaining a marriage license, never fear! I will explain every step of the process, and I can also recommend terrific local vendors.

If you have any questions for me that aren’t covered here, or would like to inquire as to my availability on your special day, please contact me. Congratulations on your future together!

Milton and I live in Texas, but knew we wanted to get married among trees. Why not the Redwoods, we said? Since neither of us had ever been to Northern California, we started with the internet. I found Halsted’s website and after several e-mails and a few phone calls we had the perfect wedding planned without even leaving home. Halsted was flexible, willing to go out in the middle of nowhere, explained how and where to go to get a marriage license, and was able to write a customized ceremony that fit us perfectly. With no prior face-to-face meeting and no rehearsal, Halsted met us in the woods and performed a beautiful and professional wedding ceremony. She made us feel comfortable and at-ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Halsted M. Bernard to anyone looking to get married in the San Francisco Bay area. –April & Milton

Black Swan Weddings ~ C&D I was first approached by two of my friends, Colleen and David, who asked if I would perform their wedding ceremony. I was absolutely floored, and accepted excitedly. Planning the ceremony with them proved to be a memorable, rewarding experience for me … almost as much as performing it!

My husband and I were (and are!) thrilled by the job Halsted did in officiating our wedding. For us, the ceremony was perfect in expressing who we are and the commitment we were making to each other. Her enthusiasm was infectious and she was kind and reassuring. Halsted created for us a ceremony that was calm, joyful, and ran perfectly smoothly, and I don’t know what more we could possibly ask for. I recommend her highly to those interested in traditional and original ceremonies alike, for she has a true gift for celebrating the union of two people in marriage. –Colleen & David

Two of my other friends had been in attendance at that ceremony, and were so impressed that they asked me to perform theirs later that year. Again, I leapt at the chance. What had originally been a way to accommodate the unique needs of my friends soon became something I wanted to do for others as well.

Fusing my skills as a writer and as an actor, I create and perform ceremonies to be enjoyed and cherished. I lend my creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to each ceremony.

Since 1991, I have been an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, which gives me the authority to wed couples in the state of California. I have been writing and performing wedding ceremonies since 1998.