Day 150 of Project 365: Coding by Hand

Sometimes when I am really stuck — like right now, with my WordPress plugin assignment — I write PHP out longhand. I don’t know if it helps me understand it, but the act refocuses my energy so I’m not just bashing my head against the keyboard.

Day 150 of Project 365: Coding by Hand

I am probably making the plugin ten times more complicated than it needs to be, but I want the finished product to do something useful instead of just demonstrate a set of competencies.

This idealistic approach may collapse tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 150 of Project 365: Coding by Hand

  1. I’m not sure which makes you the bigger nerd…the fact that you’re writing out PHP code on paper, or that you’re doing it with your fancy fountain pen 🙂


  2. Speaking as a guy who’s been writing code professionally for twenty years, I’ve found writing code out longhand to be a great way to focus one’s thoughts.  I have moleskines here that are littered with code, much of it written with a fountain pen.


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